Feature 1

Attract more customers by evolving the online reservation.

Reservation count UP

You can receive reservations even when outside hours or closed holidays. This prevents the reservation from being missed and increase reservations.

Business efficiency UP

You can improve efficiency of reservation reception work. You will reduce the burden on staffs and realize reducing personnel expenses.

Customer satisfaction UP

A stress-free reservation experience improves the customers' satisfaction and increases fans of your restaurant.

Powerful online reservation form that meets the above

Realtime vacancy search

Not only reservations in each table, but it's easy to receive group reservations in connected several tables.

Stress free "Realtime reservation"

By "Realtime reservation form" the reservations registration completes right there without the risk of overbooking.
There is no need for troublesome confirmation and contact work.

Everything is complete online

Reservation registration, confirmation, change, cancellation, all in one reservation form.
Because of the fulfilling notification function, there are no more concerns about online reservations.

“Online reservation” is the next-generation restaurant reservation standard.

Now that many services are provided on smartphones, the restaurant reservations are also going online rapidly. If you use the online reservation of Diny manager, it will allow you to receive reservations online via not only major SNS but original shop card or shop website without much cost.

Feature 2

Effective reservation management and CRM

Reservation management anytime anywhere

Diny manager that anyone can easily operate makes reservation management much more efficient. Last month's reservations, today's reservations, next week's reservations. Phone reservations and Online reservations. You can manage all reservations with your smartphone, and it's very easy to make changes. In addition, there is no need to worry about overbooking, as vacant tables are automatically recommended.

Improve customer satisfaction with high level services

When receiving a telephone reservation, you can recognize whether it's from a loyal customer or not. In addition, you can link the past reservations with the customer to save. You can also offer special service to loyal customers and improve their satisfaction. Let's increase the fans of your restaurant making full use of Diny manager's CRM function.

Feature 3

Analytics to help attract customers

Check reservation analytics anytime anywhere

You can take control of daily trends and implement effective measures to increase reservations.

Optimize PR media by inflow route analytics

You can find out what your customers saw and made reservations. By enhancing exposure to effective medias, you can improve the cost-effectiveness of attracting customers.

Other features

Import customer data

If you already have customer data when you subscribe to Diny manager, you can import it.

Supports 3 languages

Both online reservation form and reservation management portal for shops support Vietnamese, English and Japanese. You can switch the language easily.

Ideal for multi-shop management

You can switch shops and use it. Customer data can be checked from any shop, and the whole company can promote CRM.


Initial cost

4,770,000 VND

Monthly cost

Monthly 3,180,000 VND
3 months prepayment 2,870,000 VND
6 months prepayment 2,550,000 VND
12 months prepayment 2,230,000 VND

※10% VAT excluded